The Benefice of Swanwick and Pentrich
St Andrew's and St Matthew's


We are a community whose aim is to share the good news of Jesus’ love for all people through worship, Bible study, prayer, friendship, fellowship and fun.
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Harvest saw the return of the parachuting bears to St. Andrew's, with teddy bear trail, teddy bears' picnic and the Pentrich Revolution Group display.  We all enjoyed an afternoon of great fun in warm sunshine - and our Social Committee worked overtime in providing refreshments for the many people who came in to admire the displays and follow the trail.  At the same time the indoor wooded picnic area hosted many small people and their bears.   Very many thanks to the hardworking St. Andrew's team who assisted in the teddy/parachute production line, to our indomitable Tower Captain John who stayed at his post throughout the afternoon, lobbing bears over the top with great aplomb.  To bucketmeister Alan who supervised the bear bucket hoist, and all those who completed bear labels and certificates.  A magificent team effort.  For memorable photos see our Facebook page -  swanwick and pentrich c of e churches. 


9th October - 2nd Sunday.

Swanwick St. Andrew's:  11am Holy Communion.  4pm:  Crossroads.  Pentrich St. Matthews:  9.30am Holy Communion.

16th October - 3rd Sunday.

Swanwick St. Andrew's:  8am Holy Communion (BCP):  11am Holy Communion (CW).  

Pentrich St.Mathews:  9.30am Holy Communion:  6pm Evening Prayer

23rd October:  4th Sunday

Swanwick St. Andrew's:  11am Holy Commuion (CW):  4pm Crossroads.

Pentrich St. Matthews:  9.30 am Holy Communion

30th October - All Saints Day

Swanwick St. Andrew's:  11am Holy Communion (CW).  Pentrich St. Matthews:  9.30am Holy Communion 

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Service times
  • St Andrew's, Swanwick

    Sundays 11.00 am CW Communion
    First Sunday Family Worship
    1st & 3rd Sunday 8.00 am      BCP Communion
    2nd & 4th Sundays 4.00 pm    Crossroads 
    3rd Sunday 9.45 am               Early Birds are taking a                       rest: they will return  in January 2017
    Wednesdays 10.00 am              Holy Communion in the Old School House 

  • St Matthew's, Pentrich

    Sunday 9.30 am     Holy Communion
    Sunday 6.00 pm     Sacred Space - 1st Sunday
                                  Evening Prayer - 3rd Sunday

Our Key Priorities are:
To worship God
To grow in faith
To serve the people in our community
To live and share the love of Jesus

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